the ocean network

closing the collaboration gap

a collaborative digital platform designed by and for all stakeholders
involved in ocean protection

our ambition is simple - ocean action TOGETHER

We are committed to redefine the way we act together for ocean protection by creating sector-based and issue-related thematic communities (sustainable fisheries, coastal ecosystem protection, aquaculture, overfishing, ocean plastic pollution) organized based on each member’s need and potential contribution (financing, research, partnership, volunteering, legal support...).

our commitment is clear - ocean action NOW

To tackle the multiple threats and challenges faced by our ocean (i.e. climate change, erosion of marine ecosystems, pollution crisis and overexploitation of marine resources) and accelerate the deployment of solutions, Blue Komune seeks to bring together all ocean stakeholders on a single platform to strengthen their active collaboration and the deployment of concrete solutions.

we put collective intelligence in action for ocean regeneration

Blue Komune goes beyond existing collaborative platforms by matching each user through a common ocean regeneration goal and by better aligning each stakeholder’s interest based on their respective needs.Blue Komune has designed a proprietary taxonomy of ocean regenerative actions to power better coordination and collaboration amongst all ocean stakeholders making it easy for everyone to map out their potential input.All interactions on the platform are underpinned by a unique profile creation system.
It’s not about who you are but about what you do or can do.
Each user contributes directly to the co-creation of the platform by sharing its data, its knowledge, its needs and its expertise across the ocean regenerative solutions spectrum.

how it works ?


Access ocean knowledge, innovators and solutions on a single platform.


Define your ocean-linked profile.


Join ocean action-packed communities.


Our mission is to close the collaboration gap across sectors and amongst stakeholders
to accelerate sustainability transitions through dedicated collective impact networks.



Our commons (water, air, energy, biodiversity, livelihood) are under threat.The polycrisis we are facing (climate, energy, biodiversity, inequalities) is calling for systemic collaborative actions and new forms of solidarity. Our current governance models are unfit to answer this new imperative.Collective challenges call for collective action through new forms of collaboration between institutions, economic sectors, civil society players, innovations and solutions to power new collectives.While solutions exist to address the sustainability challenge and innovative coalitions are emerging both at the local and global level, they remain far too fragmented to meet the task at hand.To close the collaboration gap amongst all stakeholders involved in managing complex transitions, we are committed to create innovative collective impact networks and empower a new generation of professional activists across all sectors (private, public and civil society) united in a shared vision of a common future.


If you are a professional actor involved in ocean protection and regeneration and you wish to contribute to the creation of Blue Komune
or if you just wish to get additional information about this new platform, feel free to reach out to us at
contact@bluekomune.organd we’ll be happy to exchange with you.

who we are ?